Attention VETERANS, their Spouses, and extended Family

We have discovered a very unique program, called “Wealth Builder”, offered through a non-profit military association founded in 1879 . Since we also serve the needs of Veterans, it is a goal of ours to educate and make available this highly leverageable program unavailable anywhere else. It is exclusive only to Veterans, their spouses, and extended family members, and in certain instances individuals with an affinity to a service branch.

Who is AAFMAA?

  • The longest standing non-profit organization exclusively serving the military community with superior financial solutions for 142 years.

  • Founded in 1879 via a US government decree after the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

  • Service to over 250,000 families.

  • Notable members throughout history, including the most respected Presidents, Generals, Admirals, Secretaries, Chiefs of Staff, and Servicemembers of all ranks, from all geographies, races, genders, and military status.

  • All AAFMAA Officers and Board of Directors members are Veterans. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • 2022 crediting rate of 4.25%.

  • Guaranteed lifetime minimum rate of 3%, minus the administrative fee for a net guaranteed return of 2.25%.

  • AAFMAA has had crediting rates at or above 4.25% for over 30 years, consistently at least 25% higher than major annuity, bond, and treasuries indexes.

  • 100% of your principal goes to work immediately, with guaranteed growth.

  • 100% Liquidity at any time and:

    No Minimum Term;
    No Surrender Charges;
    No Penalties; and
    No Early Termination Fees.

  • Clients’ savings grows tax deferred.

  • Options to also select guaranteed lifetime income for single or survivor benefit, with a current annuitization rate of 3%.

  • Principal withdrawal is easy and fast, with no penalty.

  • Minimum commitment of $7,850 with a maximum of $785,000 per person.***

    Maximum flexibility, liquidity options customized to clients’ needs with multiple policies at the level they define or a lumpsum, single policy.

  • Maximum flexibility, liquidity options customized to clients’ needs with multiple policies at the level they define or a lumpsum, single policy.

What is included?

  • Specially designed Net Single Premium (one lump sum payment) Value-Added Whole Life policy

  • The Net Single Premium is $785 per $1,000 of death benefit ($10,000 - $1,000,000 coverage)

  • Cash value grows at a current crediting rate of 4.25%*

  • Guaranteed crediting rate of 3.0%*

  • At the time of application, the insured must not be in a hospital, confined to a bed or have a known terminal illness expected to result in death within two years of issue. The policy is subject to standard two-year contestability and suicide clause.

  • No medical records or physicals are required

  • Option to convert into a lifetime stream of income after holding the policy for 10 years

  • Long-Term Care Settlement Option included for no additional premium

Who is it for?

  • Veterans

  • Military Spouses

  • Children of Active Members

  • Surviving Military Spouses

  • Those who might not meet medical requirements of other policies