Contractors have been a primary focus field for us for over two decades. With the waves of growth over the years in SWFL, from the local contractors of the early 1990’s to the large national track home builders of the mid 2000’s, we have worked with hundreds of General Contractors and or sub-contractor tradesmen birthed from those eras.

As a former licensed CEU provider by both the Florida (ECLB) Electrical Contractors Board and the Florida (CILB) Construction Industry Licensing Board our founder has extensive knowledge of the construction industry. From having met so many different types of contractors over the years we have developed customized programs to help spur the entrepreneurial spirit we find most contractors have. We have helped many contractors develop motivational management systems to appropriately benchmark labor burdens thereby increasing their organizations bid to close ratios, which any type of contractor would benefit from.

We have reduced waste, increased productivity, mitigated wage and hour concerns, improved job satisfaction, reduced insurance overhead costs, improved margins, reduced overall labor burdens, improved turnover ratios, eliminated key management and partnership and or shareholder disputes, and these are just a few of the many concerns we discover in what we commonly refer to as: “the day in the life of a contractor”.

Our experience has demonstrated that all the best material shopping, most accurate specs, and the best take-off experts aren’t enough to sustain a profitable long lasting going business concern. At the end of the day it’s the extent to which management elevates itself from the rough estimate to the final bid and everything in between. We have systematized many of the daily routines that cause contractors indigestion into programs that sustain new and improving bench marking which leads to better bidding, higher margins, improved employee morale and communication, all of which lead back to company growth and sustainability.

Whether you are a small subcontractor or a large track home builder we have developed programs of all shapes and sizes and customized them to improve or correct actions within your company that will lend to an overall better company wide experience. At the end of the day it’s the people you employee and depend on that are a direct reflection of the company and what you are representing to the communities you work within. We call what we do “getting all the right people in all the right seats on the bus”, and we’ve found that this makes all the difference in the world.

We hope you enjoy our metaphors since there are so many ways in which we serve the construction industry we had to deduce or story down to word and picture association

Is this your current financial plan? For many it is by default, since insufficient planning is all you have gotten around to!

What if that future begins tomorrow without you in it? Will your business survive? Are you depending on heirs as your only retirement outlet?

Call today to ensure that this isn’t your only outcome.

Laying the proper financial foundation for your business is the core of everything your business will ever be able to achieve.

Just as the foundation for a building is crucial for its stability, so is a sound financial plan for your business. Whether you want to grow vertically or horizontally, as an expert in the business financial arena we can help your business financially reach new heights.

Call today to help lay the foundation.

Waste is costly.

Save tens of thousands of dollars each year by cutting financial waste. Don’t throw away your hard-earned money on improper coordination of your taxes and insurances.  It’s no different than material waste. 

Call today to help cut the financial waste and start redirecting those savings into growing your business immediately. 

Who’s missing from this picture?

If it was one of your key people what did that cost you?  Past training costs, future training costs, lost production, missed opportunities…. The list is endless and the dollar amount is huge.

Call today to learn how you can offer incentivized compensation programs.

Is your life the same as the guy’s next door? We don’t think so.

Employer’s lives are never cookie-cutter — so why should your financial plan be.

Call today, for a customized solution that will help you reach your financial goals

Who’s pulling for you?

Your lawyer… doctor…accountant…

          all are important members of your life team.

Shouldn’t that person be a key member of this team, if not the anchor?  Someone who spends a great deal of time actively pursuing avenues that assist you in all of your endeavors. 

If this person is missing from your team or you’re looking to trade up for a proactive player?

Call today to interview us.

Sometimes you’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

Just as it is with do-it-yourself home-improvement, mistakes in financial planning can be costly and time consuming. Who’s looking over your shoulder making sure you’re doing your doing it right? 

Sometimes you’re better off leaving it to the professionals.

Call today for a no obligation review?

If you feel your business is just hanging on, unmotivated by the current business climate or just tired of the loose ends.  Call us we have three decades of experience working with tradesmen.

  • Employee recruiting and retention issues
  • Employee morale building needed
  • Labor burden and overhead anxieties
  • Overall business model needs evolvement

Grounded solutions for bettering your business. Call today to strengthen your hold.

Looking for a few good men?

Ones that show up on time ready to begin… ones that will actually exert a full work day…ones that don’t request a raise for performing the basics. 

Then your expectations are too low!

Satisfied employees maintain your businesses threshold so you can focus on growing.  Let me show you how to raise the bar; set new standards and eliminate the least common denominators that every business has…

What’s on your horizon?

If you are spending too much time working IN the business instead of working ON the business, then you’re already yearning for change.  Not sure how? Not sure were to begin?

Call today, we’ll work directly with you to show you how to make the business changes you need to secure your financial future.

Bring Balance to Your Life

As a business owner, and wearing so many hats, you may feel that’s impossible.

You can have a personal life again, and without a trade off.  Let me share some creative ideas with you.

Do you know which one to pick?

In your contracting business you do, because you’re an expert.  But when it comes to financial services, investment devises, and insurance products; are you organized? Are you sure you’ll have the right tool for the job? Just like in your business, being improperly tooled for the job leads to lost time and lost money.  So, with so many to choose from, rely on an expert who knows the gamut.

Call today for comprehensive individualized financial planning.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of life’s perils gave you fair warning?

Don’t be caught off guard. Even without warning your business and personal lifestyle can be prepared for the bumps in the road that life brings us.

Call today to prepare yourself for all of life’s unexpected detours. Comprehensive Risk Management and Insurances from a Licensed Degreed Certified Fiduciary Advisory

It’s 10:00 a.m. Do you know where your crew is?

How do you know for sure? If they are not where they are supposed to be, how much is that costing your business?

For answers to these questions, and viable money-saving solutions, call today.

How do you measure up?

The average American household should have at least six months savings to be prepared in case of a catastrophe. If you were to die, become disabled, unemployed, or should a natural disaster wipe your business out, what will you or your loved-ones do? Get prepared for theses inevitable circumstance.

Following a Plan?

Without plans to follow, can you complete a project?             

Not likely! The same is true for your financial future. Proper adherence to a well engineered plan is critical in reaching your goals. We can design a plan that will help you get where you want to be in 5, 10, 20+ years.

Things can be Complicated

When you need an expert to help unravel business and financial complexities.

We can help simplify matters to help you obtain your personal and business financial goals.

Do you have an exit strategy? Make sure you don’t wall yourself in!

We can create a customized plan for the exit from your business when the time comes. Together we will make sure you leave the business in the most financially favorable way available for you and your family.

Proper protection at work is required… How about protection for your life?

Don’t be caught without proper protection. Make sure you and your loved ones are properly protected.  Think about life, disability, and health insurance.

We can create customized, and tailor fitted investments and insurances. The better the fit the longer the last…and that’s cost effectiveness in its simplest form.

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