AAFMAA Wealth Builder Life Insurance Application


*MEC definition, crediting rate includes 0.75% administrative fee

AAFMAA Wealth Builder Life Insurance is a life insurance policy. This is not a federally insured savings deposit and should not be purchased for that purpose. Includes a Long-Term Care Settlement Option. For more information, visit aafmaa.com/wbli.

Subject to terms and conditions of the policy, including exclusions and limitations. There is no insurance coverage unless you apply and are accepted by AAFMAA, a policy is issued and you pay the required premium. No war, aviation, terrorist clause. All policies include Survivor Assistance Services.

*AAFMAA’s current crediting rate on Wealth Builder Life Insurance policies issued in 2021 is 4.50%, minus an administrative fee of 0.75% for a net current return of 3.75%. These rates are NOT guaranteed. The guaranteed crediting rate for Wealth Builder Life Insurance policies issued in 2020 is 3.0%, minus the administrative fee for a net guaranteed return of 2.25%.

Wealth Builder Life Insurance policies are Modified Endowment Contracts (MECs) subject to the Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988 (TAMRA). Under TAMRA, you may owe taxes and penalties if you surrender or take a loan against the cash value in your Wealth Builder Life Insurance policy. AAFMAA does not provide tax advice. If you have questions about the tax implications of this product or other life insurance products you own, please consult a qualified tax professional. 

The U.S. Government does not sanction, recommend, or encourage the sale of this product. Subsidized life insurance may be available from the Federal Government.

***Minimum contribution of $7,850 per policy, maximum of 100 policies per person.