PEO Consulting Services

What is a PEO and how do they benefit Employers?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a company that contractually assumes many of the responsibilities of employment. A PEO assumes employment-related issues as the technical employer of record for items like, Payroll Management, Benefits, Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance and the administration of each, so that your business can focus on its core business. Once a company contracts with a Professional Employer Organization a “co-employment” relationship is created where both the PEO and your company have an employment relationship with the worker. In turn, employer responsibilities are shared.

The PEO value proposition is that they assume many responsibilities and liabilities for the “Business of Employment” , including those related to risk management, human resources, labor law compliance, payroll administration and employment tax management. The client company retains control over and manages product development, production, marketing, sales and service. The PEO assumes and establishes an employment relationship with the work site employee.

Are all PEO’s the same?

No. Very few PEO’s are effective in terms of all of the services they perform, business philosophy and what they charge for their services. Additionally, some PEO’s require that contracted clients use their employee benefit plans. This restricts an employer’s flexibility in this area and may not necessarily save them premium dollars. Some PEO’s can also offer an (ASO) Administrative Services Only offering, which provides for an alternative for the worksite employer to utilize their own Unemployment Insurance Rate, and or their own Worker’s Compensation and then on an all a carte the other services that perhaps they don’t have the time or the expertise to handle themselves. There are infinite options to solving employer related concerns.

Sentinel Affect

The Art and Science of Successful Planning has established preferred relationships with several PEO’s that permit us to have a consultative relationship with employers. We have carefully screened these companies for their ability to provide and maintain quality administrative services, Workers’ Compensation coverage, human resources experience, as well as financial stability. On an ongoing basis, our representation of your firm provides a “sentinel effect” and allows us to assist you with any business issues that may arise as well as investigating any proposed cost changes.

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