Who We Serve

We serve business owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists, physical therapists, senior citizens, retirees, contractors and more.

White Collar Executives


Traveling executives and sales people


Individuals & Businesses

From Sunup to Sundown, we work with.....

Individuals and Businesses all over Florida.

Health Care Professionals


Physical Therapists


Better Solution

Our clients take pride in knowing we may be able to build them a better mouse trap.
Everyone has their own widget to offer

Contractors & Tradesmen


From frame

to finish

We have resources available for start-ups to major developers.

Medical Insurance

Group and Individual Medical Group and Individual Dental Group and Individual STD, LTD, LTC, and LTC, and Life IRS section 125. Cafeterian Plans, Health Reimbursement Accounts, Health Savings Accounts

Small Business

Whether you're fixing it

Producing it,

Or supplying it,

We work in a wide variety of ways with all types of business owners and their employees

Seniors & Retirees

Whether you're planning to sail...

Grandfather and grandson waving from golf cart

Golf with your grandson,

Mature man and woman with beverages

Or just enjoy each other,

Man in business suit talking to woman

Whatever your plans are, don't wait until it's too late to plan for your estate and long term care needs.