Tax Strategies

Pay Later or Pay Now The Sixty-Four-Million-Dollar Question??

Since tax brackets are progressive in design, it is widely expected that higher income earners falling consistently in the higher tax brackets benefit fromdeferring taxes through employer sponsored plans or an (IRA) Individual Retirement account.  While that might seem advantageous on a current bases the potential to receive it back in retirement in a higher tax bracket makes tax deferred retirement plans less appealing to some.  This is the reasoning behind the invention of the ROTH which allows employer sponsored plans and individual retirement accounts alike to leverage tax deferral without a current tax deduction making them non-taxable in whatever tax bracket achieved while in retirement. 

The shortfall for many, particularly higher wage earners, is that they can’t save enough due to the annual plan contribution limitsset forthby the IRS.  Moreover, lower income earners who may need to access their savings suffer market losses and or penalties depending on what type of qualified plan they are participating in.

There are a multitude of combinatory solutions that can be tailored to your specific situation. 

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