Celebrating a Success Story

In times like this it is a breath of fresh air to get good news, and with that being said, I’d like to express  our gratitude to the (VA) Veterans Administration. Over the many years we have served elderly Veterans the VA has often received a bad rap for the pace with which they worked. Things have changed. They have really stepped up their underwriting processes as a result of the changes instituted in the fall of 2018.

Here is recent example of one of those success stories.  When your very thorough with your intake processes, documenting and creating an easy to follow fact pattern with cover letters, an outline and labeled exhibits to evidence their decision for them…you walk away with a four day approval.

Yes, you heard me right, a four day approval from day of receipt to the day of approval for a fully developed submission ready to be reviewed.

If you serve Veteran’s or surviving spouses, contact us to discover how you can leverage this very valuable resource to give a person the dignity they earned through their dedication to our country.


God Bless our Great Nation,

Tyler G. Harrelson, CES, CLTC, CFS


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Tyler Harrelson